We understand what it is like to set a fitness goal. It is not easy. We will train you different. We will make sure you have fun and enjoy every minute.
No more thoughts you were too unfit, too skinny, or just plain overweight.
We make all the difference even without a gym.

Train With Our Personal Trainer To Get Results
Training with a personal trainer clearly allows to optimize every session to your specific needs
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Why are you not getting your desired results like:
  • better fitness and health?
  • better shape?
  • more muscle?
  • leaner body?
  • pain free workout?
  • being consistent?
  • having more fun and motivation?
Beside the obvious - you may just training the wrong way, it's often a combination of training wrong, not having a proper workout plan and your workout is not adjusted to your current situation (fitness level, health or weight).

As a SlimAndFitClub personal trainer and coach, we make sure we take every aspect into consideration when we design the best workout plan for you

Duration about 30min
The free assessment includes:
  • Bio-data Body Scan with analysis, explanation and suggestion 
  • Personalized Meal Plan based on your Bio-Data Body Scan and your personal goals                    
  • Physical assessment function, health, fitness-level and performance goals)
The assessment is important in order to proper design the best program for you.
Why working with a PT (Personal Trainer)
Training with a personal trainer and coach seems to be luxury but clearly allows to optimize every session to your specific needs and time. 

All the exercises will be specifically programmed towards your personal fitness and physical goals as well to your current ability. Our most important goal is your success and that you enjoy every minute!
Doing the right moves and exercise right
Wrong or bad form can cause injuries (for example on joints like elbow, shoulder or knee) or you just work too hard for too little results
Having an expert designing a workout routine perfect for you
Any routine needs to be setup with the outcome in mind. This will make sure you get what you work for
Since working with a personal trainer is specifically designed to your current situation, needs and goals, we can only accept maximum 2 persons at a time.
For example goals like:
  • Leand Body Shape or losing weight
  • Muscle building
  • Better stamina
  • Overall health and fitness improvement
  • Improve coordination, flexibility and balance
  • Achieve new personal best time on your next 5, 10 or 21km run

A preliminary discussion will clarify all your questions you may have and allow us to design the best program for you.
Fill out the form for a free assessment, no risk, no string attached. Or whatsapp at
Our goal is to offer fitness that will challenge you both physically and mentally.

Our dream is to inspire you to take your fitness goals to a level you never thought possible, to realise there are no limits to your potential.
Great Gym at great location
A) Dempsey Hill 
B) 5min. walk from MRT Tanjong Pagar
Angelo L.
(ACE) Certified Personal Trainer
Fitness Instructor
Certified Group Fitness Instructor 
Wellness Coach
Yoga for recovery
(ACE) Certified Senior Fitness Specialist
Nutrition- and Sport Nutrition Coach
Nordic Walking Instructor
HIIT Trainer
Muay Thai Kickboxing Exercise
Founder SlimAndFitClub
Register now for:
  • Free Assessment
  • Attractive Personal Training  packages,  sessions a 60min
  • Special Offer for Personal Training Sessions with 1 Partner/Spouse/Friend, save 
We’re so confident you’ll love our techniques that we’re offering the important assessment for free. Including free access to our weekly online tips
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